Put the Crack Up and Blow Up Your Speakers!

I have never had more than an intellectual appreciation of noise music. I dig it conceptually, but I really don’t have the patience or tolerance to sit through and hour and a half of formless sturm und drang. Even twenty minutes of “Maggot Death” can be a bit much for me most of the time.

Diego de Regil’s Drugs for Drunks projekt definitely surfs the noisier crest of the Grave Wave. Part power electronics, part ethereal drone, his musical output is truly frightening. While his music may stimulate my curiosity, it is not always my proverbial styrofoam cup full of syrup.

The new Drugs for Drunks mixtape, Blow Up Your Speakers, is something entirely different. A freeform, glitched up, beat driven mess. It may well be A Love Supreme for the cyber goth generation. It is obvious that Diego is well aware of the concept of sonic weaponry.

His assault on the ears forces the listener to internalize the sounds and create their own epiphanies. Unrelenting in nature, it revels in being off tempo. Unlike most glitch artists, Deigo rarely reels it in, instead his mix just keeps hammering at the temporal lobe until it makes sense to the listener internally.

Conceptually, the mix is a near perfect representation of the media overload that drives most associated with the witch house movement.  With its roots deeply planted into the soil of plunderphonics and early 90s pausetape mixology, it is filled with radio transmissions that jaggedly bleed into an assortment of pop friendly and counter culture  jack tracks… of course all pitched down for today’s drag generation. More importantly, Blow Up Your Speakers manages to be listenable, not just compelling; a rare feat for something this long and this noisy.

As an installation piece, de Regil demands that it be heard with its accompanying video.  Broken into three parts, and hosted on youtube, the video is very reminiscent of the work done by the Church of the Subgenius. Personally, I prefer the “conjoined” audio version available on Soundcloud. My mind likes to make the pictures up on its own.

Blow Up Your Speakers Mixtape by Drugs For Drunks

- Nattymari

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